Club Chefman is on a mission to put soul back into your kitchen. We’re here to create a bonding experience between people, food and products. Chefman's drive is to bring value, innovation and quality to your kitchen. All we ask from you in return is to pick up that apron, grab a friend, and start creating masterpieces and memories.
The access codes are your membership key! The code will give you instant access to recipes created specifically for you and your Chefman product(s).
You sure can and you should! The access code helps us recommend recipes for the Chefman appliance in your kitchen. On your profile page you will see an option to “Add Additional Access Code” – add as many as you have!
Click the forgot password link on the login page and we will email you a temporary password pronto.
Yes you can! Simply click the arrow pointed down icon to the right of any recipe
Of course. Simply click on the share icon to the right of the recipe and share away! Your friends will be able to see the recipe of video you shared even if they’re not logged in.
Each recipe has a chat icon, when you click a box will appear for you to fill in your question. Viola!
A really useful tool that will save all your favorite recipes and tutorials for later – you can add while scrolling or while in a recipe or video too!
Click the empty heart icon and it will instantly be added to your cookbook! You’ll see the heart fill up so you know it’s already there (if it’s there).
Click the full heart icon (either while browsing or in My Cookbook) and you’ll get a warning that you’re deleting – hit OK and that recipe is gone. Are you sure, though?
Send the Chef a question with what sort of recipe you’re craving and he’ll see